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Aesthetic evolution drives birth of minimally invasive surgery subgroup

Recros Medica, Inc. obtains first published reference of the CONFORM clinical data in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Recros Medica Announces Positive 90-Day Results from CONFORM Study

Recros Medica, Inc. today announced positive 90-day results from its CONFORM study assessing the efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction of Rotational Fractional Resection (RFR) procedure for submental contouring.

A First Look at Rotational Fractional Resection

A new technology offers a fresh approach to treatment of submental contouring.

Rotational Fractional Resection Hits the Sweet Spot for a More Defined Neckline

The Nuvellus Focal Contouring System, incorporating the Rotational Fractional Resection (RFR) technology in development by Recros Medica Inc, may fill that gap.

Dermatology Times – Oct. 2018

A promising new minimally invasive procedure for skin contouring.

CONFORM Clinical trial poster

Efficacy, Safety, and Subject Satisfaction Using Rotational Fractional Resection for the Improvement of Submental Contouring.
By Steve Dayan, MD; Jill Waibel, MD; Steve Yoelin, MD