Rotational Fractional Resection uses unique and proprietary devices for fractional skin resection and focal lipectomy, which Recros Medica will develop for improved focal aesthetic contouring by removing excess skin and fat.

Integrated Console

The RFR system will include a capital device, a reusable surgical handpiece, and several differentiated consumable (single-use) attachments that deliver specific treatment outcomes, as described below. The capital device will initially be offered as a moderately-priced single purchase item with recurring consumable charges; however, we will ensure that our financing options at launch best fit the needs of our target market.

The RFR system is controlled by one integrated console device,  rotational speed and aspiration suction. The console can be adapted to providing additional functions, which will be added for future clinical applications.

Each device is driven by a reusable, autoclavable handpiece, which is designed to be used with all current treatment applications.

Single Scalpet with Depth Guide

The first consumable technology developed by the Company is the Single Scalpet which uses a small rotating circular scalpel (only 1.5mm in diameter) for targeted clinical applications such as minor resections, scar revision and tattoo removal. Depth guides allow the user to tailor the thickness of skin excision  from 2 to 8mm.

Multi-Scalpet Array (MSA)

The Multi-Scalpet Array is a consumable device using 9 scalpets (each 1.5mm in diameter) designed for efficient treatment of larger areas of skin laxity, with an adjustable depth guide allowing the user to tailor the thickness of skin excisions from 2 to 8mm in depth. This device will allow non-surgical treatment of skin laxity to areas that were previously only correctable by surgery, including above the knees, abdomen, arms, inner thighs, bra-strap area, posterior elbows and below the chin.

Lipectomy Cannula

The Focal Lipectomy Cannula is a consumable device designed for targeted fat extraction. It will enable direct removal of excess fat in small focal areas, such as below the chin, upper arms, upper inner thighs, abdomen, and bra-strap area.