12 Million Americans Have Undesired Submental Skin Laxity, 75% Do Not Believe Existing Treatment Options Can Meet Their Needs

PLEASANTON, CA – August 25, 2021 – Recros Medica, Inc. today shared insights from the largest consumer market research survey of Americans with loose skin in the neck (submental laxity). In this survey-based study by Actionable Research of 7,836 consumers, the results suggest there are more than 12 million Americans that have bothersome submental skin laxity and would consider treatments to improve their appearance.

Respondents reporting mild to severe submental laxity indicated it had a strong negative impact on their lives, especially in social settings/FaceTime/photos (73% of respondents) and business settings/virtual meetings (56% of respondents).

When these respondents were probed for their interest in pursuing existing treatment options, only 13% indicated they would likely try currently available treatments. However, 75% of these consumers with undesired submental laxity would only consider contacting a physician for treatment if better treatment options were available.
“This state-of-the-art quantitative survey confirms earlier market research and anecdotal insights from our clinical experts about the large unmet need for improving submental laxity. We look forward to introducing a novel treatment alternative in the future to help patients seek the improvements they desire. We look forward to exploring options with strategic partners and potential investors to accelerate the development and commercialization of our products to address this untapped market.” stated Tom Albright, President and CEO of Recros Medica.

About Actionable Research
Actionable Research is a Southern California-based marketing research consultancy, founded in 2002, that delivers both qualitative and quantitative primary marketing research on a global basis. The company has primarily delivered product development, market quantification, brand and product performance research for the medical device, dental professional, life sciences and digital healthcare vertical markets. For more information, visit https://www.actionable.com.

About Recros Medica, Inc.
Recros Medica is a privately held company focused on the research and development of aesthetic products to enhance appearance. The company was founded in 2014 to develop rotational fractional resection, a novel and proprietary platform technology intended for use by aesthetic physicians to reduce skin laxity, enhance focal aesthetic contouring and provide a natural alternative to commercial dermal fillers.

Nancy Hargreaves
Chief Financial Officer

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